The Perfect Shake

For Cedar Shake Roofing Perfection

The "Perfect Shake" is a product that we have developed in partnership with a one of the highest quality mills that meets the needs of builders who desire a real cedar shake for roofing, that exhibits the rough "hand-split" surface, however, it presents a cleaner, more uniform look.  The perfect shake is a premium grade with 100% edge grain for the best quality.  It is perfectly uniform in thickness, and has no corrugation, so fits perfectly.

Homeowners throughout the world are charmed by the rustic look of hand-split shakes, reminiscent of log cabins and old-world style.  However, these days the rustic look doesn't exactly fit in with contemporary architectural designs, and the same consumers require a more sophisticated and uniform look, which we are able to provide with the "Perfect Shake".


Machine Split Face, Resawn back thicker than a shingle but equal in its precision

Tapersawn Grading Rules

Faster to Install

The Perfect Shake is 20% faster to install than hand-split and resawn shakes, because every shake fits perfectly with the next. The uniformity of the product makes it much easier and quicker to apply.

Our Perfect Shakes are so precisely milled, they are held to Certi-Sawn Tapersawn Grading Rules.